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School Dances/Proms

School dances are some of the most memorable events for young adults. They are also one of our favorite type of event to perform.

Because of that, we take things to the next level. Forget the cheesy old DJs who still play music from 3 decades ago. Make sure you hire a DJ who has plenty of experience with younger crowds. We know how to keep the energy high! 

Our RCF Italian made speakers and subwoofers pack a huge punch (because you know… is all about the bass) 

Our Intelligent lights will produce some spectacular effects and we can even add special effects and red carpet photo-booths so that every student can feel like a celebrity walking in. 

Get ready for the party of a lifetime.

"Our prom was absolutely amazing!!!! everyone danced the entire time!. absolutely amazing DJ!!!!!"

Katherine Meehan 


Teen events

Teen-age years are very crucial and teen celebrations can be a great opportunity for a young adult to make a statement.

Every culture celebrates this coming of age differently. 

In the United States the most popular Teen Celebration is at the age of 16, to celebrate a teen’s transition to adulthood. Traditionally, Latin American families celebrate a quinceanera when a girl turns 15 with a large formal party.  

In the Jewish faith boys and girls who reach the age of “religious maturity” become Bar/Bat Mitzvah (son of the commandments). 

In the Catholic religion boys and girls who have already received their first communion go through a confirmation of their faith.

 With any of these events, the choice of an elite DJ to celebrate will leave a lasting impression on all who attend. 

"Mike was fantastic! He DJ'd my daughter's Quinceanera and it was amazing! The kids (and adults) all danced nonstop."

Maria Rosenthal

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