Cold Sparklers

There are few things more striking than a beautiful fireworks display. Unfortunately, due to their very nature, fireworks are too dangerous for most situations. Fortunately now there is a revolutionary special effect that looks just like a classic pyrotechnic display, without all of the danger associated with fireworks. But you might be wondering, how do they work? Cold sparklers are still very new, after being introduced just a couple of years ago, so it may have flown under your radar. With that in mind, we’re going to dive into the fascinating science that goes into making this cold spark machine work. If you want to add our indoor firework display to your next event, contact us today for a free demo.

  • Non-Pyrotechnics

  • Designed for safe indoor use

  • No ignition source 

  • No combustable matereal

  • No smoke

  • No odor 

  • Controllable height & duration

How do they work?

Traditional pyrotechnics and fireworks require combustion and extreme levels of heat to operate. This makes them incredibly dangerous in lieu of how beautiful they are. They create fire hazards to expel carcinogenic particles into the air, which severely limits where they can be used. Pyro has been relegated to outdoor venues and large arenas to preserve the safety of the audience as a result.
In contrast, our indoor firework effects do not use flammable elements to create its sparkling display. Instead, it heats up small grains  made up of a mixture of titanium alloy to room temperature. 

The composite creates cold sparks that have a temperature of around 62 degrees Fahrenheit.

YES you heard right. Our Indoor fireworks are colder then the air inside the venue. 

This makes them safe enough to be used at any location with out posing any danger.

They are even safe enough to hold your hand or a piece of paper over without danger of burns. Additionally, Our Indoor Fireworks produce NO smoke  and leave virtually no odor behind. The lower temperature of the sparks and lack of smoke or odor make our sparklers a perfect effect for indoor events.

The best part is that these machines can be triggered multiple times throughout the night with out need to reload. 

This is by far one of the safest and most dazzling special effects in the industry, Our Indoor Fireworks can take a drab event and breathe new life into it. Whether you’re having an indoor concert or an outdoor performance, you can blow your audience away with this unbelievable cold spark fountain display. If you would like to learn more about Indoor fireworks, call DJ MIKE MELICE today. We are the event production gurus of Upstate NY. Take your next  event, wedding, or celebration to the next level with our amazing line of awesome stage effects. We hope to hear from you soon!

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