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These 5 DJ gadgets have changed the game for me...

As a mobile DJ, we rely on the tools in our arsenal to provide an amazing experience for once-in-a-lifetime events. Over the years, I have discovered some amazing gadgets that have completely changed the game for me. Here are the top five gadgets that every mobile DJ should consider:

  1. Donner Wireless DMX Dongles: I started using these in 2015 after I got tired of running long DMX cables to and from lights. This addition has saved me so much time and money. People don't realize how expensive DMX cables can get, and how much work it is to connect things together. So when I switched to wireless, even though I was a little paranoid that something could or would go wrong, they have proven themselves to be rock solid up to 150 feet away.

  2. EDID Emulator: For those of you who combine audio and video, this device is what you need. Typically, your laptop would send out a video signal into a splitter, which would split the signal and send it to multiple sources. However, often times, the sources you might be sending this video signal to might have different resolutions, refresh rates, etc. This can sometimes confuse your computer, and you might end up with only one device receiving a video signal or none at all. An EDID emulator will trick your computer into thinking that all video devices connected have the same settings, putting less stress and confusion on your computer.

  3. Panasonic Eneloop Pro Rechargeable Batteries: These have changed my life. One year, I added up the cost of mic batteries from all my events, and the total (over $300) put me in shock. Unfortunately, I had used rechargeable batteries in the past and found them to be unreliable and a waste of money. Until a photographer friend recommended the Eneloops. I have done multiple seasons and many cycles, and they are still going strong. It's a larger initial investment since you'll be buying something that will last you for multiple seasons, but you'll save hundreds if not thousands in the long run.

  4. Xvive U3 Wireless Microphone System: Have you ever forgotten your wireless mics at home? Neither have I, but if I ever do, I know that this device will be able to turn any of my emergency wired mics (which I keep one in my DJ bag and one in my vehicle) into a wireless mic. The other amazing thing about this product is that it can also turn any speaker wireless to be used as side fillers or remote. I'm not gonna lie; the range could be better, but for the price, you are getting an amazing product.

  5. Apple AirTags or other GPS Trackers: Many DJs, including myself, have had one of their most valuable items (DJ Bag) stolen. Honestly, it's the most horrifying feeling, especially if you are someone like me who is always OCD about locking their vehicle. Putting an AirTag or other tracking device in your bag will not prevent it from being stolen, but at least there is a small chance that you can recuperate it and beat the shit out of the person who stole it.

In conclusion, these five gadgets have revolutionized my mobile DJ game, and I strongly recommend them to any mobile DJ looking to improve their performance and ease their workload. They may require some investment upfront, but they will ultimately save you time, money, and hassle in the long run.

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