Capture the fun in one of our amazing Photo-booths. We provide the latest technology in Hollywood style booth for an experience that is like no other.

What is Hollywood style?

This is a term used to describe a newer style of Photo-booth. Unlike traditional inclosed Photo-booths, Hollywood style booths are open air and they consist of a modern kiosk that will capture your images and one of our amazingly reflective backdrops.


Why Hollywood style?

Because our booths are open-air, you'll be able to fit upwards of 15 people in one shot, also being open air will allow for more lighting which is crucial to getting a great picture quality. 

What is included?

Our Photo-booths include: Assortment of props, Unlimited 4x6 prints in postcard format, Dropbox folder with all digital images and a super friendly Photo-booth attendant who will help you make the most out of it.